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The thrill is gone: Message in bottle called 'litter'

Letter or Litter?

A message a New England man sent out to sea in a bottle was regarded as litter by a man who received the message in UK.
Though I have no idea about Poole Harbor where the message was found, I guess the place is a scenic place with no litter at all. If so, a bottle, whether it has a love letter or not, is a kind of litter.
However, as a human being, a receiver may be moved by a message if the message is great, even though originally (s)he thinks that a bottle is a litter.
What I would like to know now is the contents of the message the New England man wrote. Otherwise it is hard to believe that a man may write such a reply letter as the British man did.

The thrill is gone: Message in bottle called 'litter'

February 6, 2006
NAPEAGUE, N.Y. -- A sailor who sent a message out to sea in a bottle says he received a reply from England -- accusing him of littering.
"I kind of felt like no good deed goes unpunished," Harvey Bennett, 55, told the East Hampton Star.
The plastic bottle was one of five that Bennett placed in the ocean off Long Island in August.
Last week, he excitedly opened a letter from England, and was stunned by the reply:
"I recently found your bottle while taking a scenic walk on the beach by Poole Harbour. While you may consider this some profound experiment on the path and speed" of "oceanic currents, I have another name for it -- litter.
"You Americans don't seem to be happy unless you are mucking about somewhere," says the letter, signed by Henry Biggelsworth of Bournemouth, in Dorset County.
Bennett, who has a picture of the queen of England in his Amagansett tackle shop, says that Poole Harbor is just a short distance from Weymouth Harbor. That's where the Bennett family embarked for America in 1644.
The New York Post carried the report Friday, giving attribution to the East Hampton Star.

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