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Mass pillow fight

New Yorkers enjoyed a massive public pillow fight…

It is said that hundreds gathered to pound each other with soft pillows.
I wonder, however, if this event is not so interesting. Of course, if I were a New Yorker, I would enjoy it during the severe winter. But, just pounding each other with soft pillows…
Though nobody in the world may not know because we do not promote this special fight in Japan, ALL Japanese play pillow throwing fight.
When students of elementary school, junior high school or high school go for excursions, they must throw pillows to anybody at night. There’s no rule for that. Just throw pillows to anybody. Nobody, including teachers together with them, ever teaches this fight. However, by the direction of the Japanese own DNA, this fight must be taken.
The fight made in New York had some rules, like not to attack a person without pillow or with camera. Our rule does not have such fussy rule. Just throw pillows.

This pillow throwing fight may be the biggest export from Japan after Sushi…

Mass pillow fight
Feb. 26 - New Yorkers brought forth their inner child with vengeance in a massive public pillow fight in the heart of the city.
Hundreds gathered to take part, pounding each other with soft pillows, amid clouds of fluffy feathers shining in the sun.
The rules for the Union Square pillow fight were simple - swing lightly and don't go for people without pillows and or holding cameras. But at the dead center of the pillow fight maelstrom, the swing lightly rule seemed to fly away with the feathers emerging from the spent pillows, as New Yorkers beat away their winter blues.

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But you must admit, a massive pillow fight in the centre of Tokyo would be amazing :D

-Kevin from Newmindspace

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