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Sex in fast lane halts traffic

As an Israeli couple had sex inside the car in the middle of highway, it is reported that severe congestion was made.

Though the highway system may be a little bit different between Israel ane Japan, in the case of Japan there are lots of bed houses (We call them "Love Hotels") near exits of highways.
And the highways are always congested without somebody's having sex or not. So, those who hate the congestions just leave the highway and go into such Love Hotel.
I believe that this is the nice way of doing business here.

Sex in fast lane halts traffic on Israeli road - Yahoo! News
Sun Feb 18, 10:54 AM ET
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli police investigating why a car was blocking traffic in the fast lane of a major highway on Sunday found a couple inside having sex.
A police spokesman said the female driver and her male passenger gave in to their passions without pulling over to the side of the road, causing congestion and leaving other motorists having to swerve to dodge their stationary vehicle.
A patrolman gave the woman a ticket for holding up traffic.

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