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'Superhero' tells fans not to imitate stunts

It seems that Indians are accessible to movies.

Some movie fans hurt themselves by imitating the death-defying stunts after going to the movies.
This is no laughing matter. To confess the truth, I jumped from a small hill in the park after watching the TV program with special effect when I was very young. And my cheeks got severely hurt… I did not notice such action was dangerous until I was personally damaged.
Also, even after I became around 20 years old, I was influenced by Samurai movies just after getting out from the movies. And I felt like I was carrying Samurai sword alongside, which made me think that I was the strongest man in Japan.

Though of course I believe that Indians are much wiser than little AONORI, I hope that they do not get hurt.

'Superhero' tells fans not to imitate stunts - Yahoo! News

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Bollywood's new flying superhero has asked fans, especially children, not to imitate his onscreen death-defying stunts after a man leapt off a cinema balcony in central India, breaking his leg.
"The action scenes are meant to be enjoyed, not imitated. Please do not indulge in these stunts," Hrithik Roshan, who plays "Krrish," a Superman-style hero who saves the world from a mad scientist, wrote in a newspaper on Monday.
Newspapers said at least two people had hurt themselves trying to imitate the stunts from the film that opened last week.
A 24-year-old man was in a hospital with a fractured leg in the central city of Bhopal after he leapt from a cinema balcony and landed on the audience below.
An 11-year-old boy also suffered injuries in a separate accident, newspapers said, but no details were given.
"Those action scenes are dangerous... I did the action scenes with full safety precaution," Roshan said.
"...stop scaring me by trying to do my stunts in Krrish."
The $10 million "Krrish" opened to huge box-office collections, as children and adults made a beeline to watch Bollywood's own superhero leap from tall buildings, beat up the baddies and woo his lady love with song and dance.

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