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Woman gets severed finger in the mail

When a woman opened the envelope, a finger came out with a letter saying “This is my last chance to touch you…”

I usually think that Affection easily becomes Abhorrence. This story is exactly what I think.
This is the second time that I got this kind of news in this year. The other is the story that an Indonesian ex-boyfriend sent an SMS to a newly-wed bride at the very night of hew wedding that says “I still love you”. I lost the article, though…

Woman gets severed finger in the mail - Yahoo! News

Tue Jun 27, 6:15 PM ET
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - A woman received a severed human finger in the mail along with a threatening letter from her ex-boyfriend that said, "This is my last chance to touch you," police said.
Corpus Christi Police Capt. John Houston said police weren't sure which finger was removed or how, but that it appeared to have been washed before it was mailed Friday.
"It was a clean cut," Houston said. "It wasn't mangled."
The 32-year-old woman filed for an emergency protective order from her boyfriend last week.
Police didn't release the name of the 34-year-old ex-boyfriend, who has not been located. He has moved to Spring, but police there could not confirm the status of the search for him.
Corpus Christi police said a previous incident of family violence was reported between the couple this month.
The man faces Class A misdemeanor charges from that incident and additional charges because of the threatening nature of the letter.

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