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Roofer mistaken for jumper

A German roofer was mistaken as a potential suicide jumper.

Police and fire department well prepared for this emergency until they noticed he was just a roofer talking to his girl friend on the phone.
He seems to be facing a big bill though he did not call the emergency service.

Anyway, it is a good story to know how Germany is human-friendly country.
I would like to know how the girl friend reacted when she noticed the reason… Does she think he is so mad at her or he is just foolish?

Ananova - Roofer mistaken for jumper

A German roofer is facing a big bill after emergency services mistook him for a potential suicide jumper.
Police sealed off a busy main road and called out the fire brigade and negotiators to talk to Dieter Holmblutter, 30, who was on the roof of a five storey building in Saarbruecken.
But the roofer was so busy talking on the phone to his girlfriend he failed to notice the commotion below until she asked him what the sirens were for.
Once the mistake was realised, emergency services left the roofer to finish preparing his estimate.
But officials say he will be presented with the bill for wasting their time - reported to be several thousand pounds.

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