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Naked protest in Brazil

Three Brazilian men walked around the city naked to protest against football.

However, it seemed to be in vain

They tried to protest against the situation that the whole country stops when Brazil plays at the World Cup.
As a result, nobody cared as they were busy watching the game…

I am not sure whether this country is happy or not…

Ananova - Naked protest in Brazil

Three men have staged a naked protest in Brazil - against football.
They walked round the city naked while locals watched Brazil's match against Ghana.
The men staged their protest as they disagree with how "the whole country stops to watch the football matches at the World Cup but meanwhile the enourmous problems Brazil has in lack of education and health keep getting stronger."
A local police spokesperson said: "Someone called us to check this out but it was not a violent crime and we were watching the match so we decided not to do anything about it.
"They only wanted to get attention, but they couldn't even get this as everyone was watching the match."

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